영국 Special Promotion 안내~!

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유학캠프 학생들을 위한 혜택~!

지금 신청하시고 혜택도 누리세요~!!

★☆★☆ 30주 학비로 36주를 공부하고 250파운드 CASH CREDIT까지~!!

★☆★☆ 20주 학비로 24주를 공부하고 250파운드 CASH CREDIT까지~!!

a) For all new enrolments with start dates up to and including 8 December 2014;
b) Applicable for General English Courses (G-1.20L 20 lessons, G-1.25L 25 lessons or G-1.30L 30
lessons) and A-1.30 Academic Study Courses (A-1.30 includes General English + IELTS, FCE,
CAE, TOEFL, TOEIC Examination Preparation + Free Excursions);
c) Not to be used in conjunction with any other special offer, promotion, group price or concession.
d) As per our conditions of enrolment, fees must be received in full by Anglo-Continental not later
than four weeks before course commencement otherwise the promotion will become invalid and
full fees will automatically apply.
e) The cash credit can be used to purchase items while the student is studying at Anglo-
Continental. These items can be as follows:
- Additional course weeks (the student will pay our published gross price but you, the agent, will receive
commission on the course fee)
- Examination fees (for examinations held at Anglo-Continental only)
- Airport Car Transfers
- National Express coach tickets
- Excursions
- Sim card + top
f) *A high season supplement of £35 per week is payable for accommodation between 22 June and
17 August 2014.
g) ** Arrival and departure transfer is from London Heathrow to Bournemouth with National Express.
The price may change. Students must purchase their own tickets.
h) *** Korean won is calculated at 1800 won to £1 – this rate may change.